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We offer the Access Nova Scotia approved New Driving Education Course which requires 25-hours of in-class lessons and 10-hours of in-car lessons. Students begin the course with the in-class lessons and start scheduling their in-car lessons once they meet with their dedicated instructor – usually at Class 3 or 4.

High Class Driving Training has provided top-notch driving instruction to teens and adults around Nova Scotia

Since 2008, we have been proud of the value we provide to our students, offering friendly instruction, safe vehicles, extensive training,

instructors are over 18 years experienced ,our knowledge and experience will work for you. We offer service to Halifax, Bedford, Sacville and Dartmouth, High Class Driver Training has taught Over 45,000 students to drive in Nova HRM That experience is available for you

we’ve graduated safe driver’s students in Nova Scotia – and loved every minute of it! High Class Diving School is a family business started and we are as dedicated to ensuring a safe and fun driving experience for your family as we are for our own. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Our knowledge and experienced instructors WITH 12-16 YEARS INSTRUCTING the program will help you to be able to drive confidently and safely. At our friendly school you feel confident to learn new things every day.

Our engaging and relevant coursework will make sure that you learn what you need to know on the road. Through group discussion and team work, our students are ready to drive when they finish. #1 Driving School in Nova Scotia

It is important to offer new drivers the best driving instructors and teachers who provide quality driver training services across Canada. We train and re-train all of our driving instructors annually using our internal recertification training course. This ensures that our instructors are always on top of what is new and changing in the world of driving.

We make sure you have the defensive driving techniques and accident avoidance skills to serve you for your lifetime of driving.

It means that quality driver training and customer service are our top priorities to ensure that all of our drivers have fun and absorb what they learn. After all, driving can be fun!

Over a dozen certified driving instructors and fully staffed customer happiness team are dedicated to teaching you how to drive safely. Our drivers use late model vehicles only (for their safety ratings).

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